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Bounty hunters arrested for aggravated assault after holding wrong man at gunpoint

Louisiana men being held in Willacy County jail

Troy Berry Troy Berry Three bounty hunters looking for a Raymondville man were arrested for aggravated assault and unlawful restraint after they apprehended the wrong man, and held him and three passengers at gunpoint near a restaurant on E. Hidalgo Avenue early yesterday morning.

Raymondville Chief of Police Uvaldo Zamora said three Louisiana men were taken into custody after they crashed into the wrong suspects vehicle and held the occupants with a shotgun.

"They came to town looking for a Robert Trevino, but ended up apprehending the wrong guy," Zamora said. "They ran a vehicle off the road and crashed into it near Whataburger."

Arrested were Shane Valverde, Troy Berry and Bruce Berry on charges of aggravated assault, and unlawful restraint, according to RPD Officer Andy Chavez.

"The three were held on four counts of aggravated assault and one count of unlawful restraint," Chavez said. "Their bond was $145,000 each, except for Valverde whose bond is $147,000."

Valverde was apprehending the vehicle that contained four innocent people. As the driver he was also charged with an accident causing damage.

Bruce Berry Bruce Berry "They were trying to serve a Tennessee warrant, but stopped the wrong dude," Chavez added.

Resident Ruben Sanchez was driving the vehicle that was stopped by the bounty hunters, according to a special report by KRGV television.

"I thought we were being kidnapped," Sanchez said in the report. "They jumped out of their car, drew their guns, and handcuffed me."

Cassandra Trevino, who is Sanchez's cousin witnessed the abduction, and in the KRGV interview said, "I was too scared to make a move. The shotgun was right there."

Robert Trevino is still at large while the bounty hunters apprehending him were arrested. It is unknown what Trevino's bond was that he jumped in Tennessee.

The Berry brothers remained in Willacy County jail last night, while Valverde made bail yesterday afternoon. E-mail comments on this story to; robert@raymondvillechroniclenews.com

Shane Valverde Shane Valverde

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