2008-05-28 / Editorial & Columns

Behind the Badge

Graduation Thoughts
By Larry G. Spence

Graduation seems to be happening a little later this year than most, bit its a time that many have looked foward to. Young people look forward to graduating on because it is what they believe to be their most important years. For some it is an end to their formal education, for others it's just the beginning. A large number of our young people will move onto colleges around the country, while others will opt to enter the Armed Force to do a tour of duty, and then go on to college compliments of Uncle Sam. Others will join the workforce and start learning how to budget themselves and learn that Uncle Sam wants part of your hard- earned money to help run our government. Welcome to the real world.

As adults, we look at the graduates this year with great hope in our heart and a prayer on our lips. We understand the world you are inheriting and we are hoping that you do better with it since it was given to us. We hope that the lives of our graduates will be honorable and rewarding to them, their families, and to us as fellow citizens of this great country. We hope and pray that on their journey through life they find joy, and the happiness they seek in a work already filled with too much sadness and sorrow. May they seek and find solutions to many of our problems and theirs as well as the problems of this crazy world we call home.

I would hope that we have taught them to have the willingness to listen to others as they would expect others to listen to them, and to use their wisdom that they will gain through their studies and life's tests not only-for their own personal good, but for the betterment of mankind as a whole. We know their challenges will be many, but we believe they have been taught that they can overcome whatever life throws in front of them. May they never lose the desire to help their fellow humans who are less fortunate, may their contributions to society be blessed with many solutions to the problems we face everyday.

We have placed a tremendous burden on the shoulders of our newest, graduates, but we do it with the greatest confidence that they can carry the load, and are capable of making a difference. Our final thought or hope or prayer for our graduates this year is that they will draw close to their Creator as they pursue their goals in life and rely on His guidance and wisdom to show the way. We hope they fulfill all of their dreams and never lose faith in the human race or themselves. Finally, may they know that we support their efforts and are willing to share our experiences with them or just be a willing listener if they need a shoulder on which to lean. Our congratulations go out to each and every graduate and the friends and family that have supported them all these years.

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