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Child left behind at Lyford High School


This letter is in reference to the letter submitted about the LCISD school board and LHS principal. I am the grandmother of the child that has been left behind. I am appalled at the lack of responsibility the Lyford school board has shown. My son has been assured by some of the faculty that his son is a role model. The incident which is at the center of this problem, has been cleared up and my grandson has done nothing wrong. As per the school board meeting that I attended, one of the options that the school attorney gave the board was to allow him back in school. I was surprised at how the meeting was being conducted. Mr. Infante does not even know the basics about running a meeting, because he could not even follow Robert's Rules of Order. And when the attorney made it clear that he should allow my grandson back in school, he refused. He did not allow anyone to make a motion to vote on this because he just moved on to the next item on the agenda. This is wrong, my children even know better, they were involved in FFA and even they know the rules of running a proper meeting. I see this as retaliation because my son had to go in and defend my grandson last year. Mrs. Solis was accusing him of doing something he did not do. Mrs. Solis tried to make him admit he had something, which he never did. When she stated that she had proof of the incident, he came home to his parents and told them what she had said. He said he admitted to nothing because he had not done what he was being accused of. She was sure it was him because she stated that she had reliable sources and proof from a fellow student. When my son went to talk to her she admitted to him that she did not have proof, she had lied to a student to get try to get him to falsely confess. She also told my son that students do not lie, therefore my grandson was guilty. When it was brought to her attention on a rumor going on about her, she said it was not true, that it was students making it up. But if students don't lie, hmmm then I guess she is guilty too. How convenient for her to believe students when she's not the one being accused. As a grandmother, it hurts me deeply to see my son and his family going through this needlessly, because it is a "capricho" on Mrs. Solis' part. I hope that the people who sit on the board, the principal and Mr. Infante never have to go through what my son, his family and I am going through. This has really affected my grandson, he is being taught that the system doesn't work. If the saying is true that what goes around comes around these people are in for a rude awakening one day.

My grandson will not be graduating, because he has not met the state requirements on the math TAKS. My grandson was in DAEP for 21 days without a single assignment. For 21 days he sat there and had nothing to do. Mrs Solis had assured my son that he (my grandson) would receive not only his as- signments, but tutoring and counseling as well. After repeated attempts of contacting Mrs. Solis about this, my son went to the superintendent, and the very next day my grandson had not only his school work , but a tutor and a counselor. The principal and superintendent decided to show up there as well. But, why did this take 21 days? Had my son not gone, my grandson would never have gotten any of his work. Because of the school's negligence he missed out on valuable time in the classroom. This was happening right before the TAKS test. I am very upset because one of the school board members stated that, this is the parent's fault, not the schools. So how is this the parent's fault? They did everything right, they went in and talked to the principal, superintendent, went to board meetings. Shouldn't the school take responsibility for this? Isn't that why we send our children to school? Why are the teachers there, if not to teach? My grandson has been deprived of wearing a cap and gown and sharing this once in a lifetime moment with his peers. His parents, grandparents and loved ones, will not have the honor of hearing his name called and seeing him walk down the isle to receive his diploma. This board has taken something away from him, that he can never get back. This is what he has worked so hard for, yet been so cruely denied. But he is not alone. There are roughly a dozen other students at LHS who will not be wearing an emerald gown on graduation night, they too have been left b ehind. Have these parents also failed their children? No, of course not. Why must the kids and their families go through this? This school board doesn't care about any of these kids. All they care about is their titles and letterman's jackets. Every student enrolled at LCISD deserves better. These children have met LCISD requirements , which are obviously not even close to state requirements. This school board is old, it's ideas and ways of thinking are old. We need people who truly care about the children, sitting in those seats. You all know who they are, the board members. You see them around the baseball park, at the gas station, even at school. You vote for them because they have businesses, nice homes, big trucks. But behind closed doors it's all about them, not you , and certainly not the kids at LCISD. One of them even admitted to sleeping during the meetings. They could have done something for my grandson. They could have allowed him back in school, they knew about his weakness in math, and still denied him the proper help.

Maria L Mendez

Editor's Note:

LCISD School Board President Cruz Salinas was asked to comment and has elected not to respond.

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