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Another Child left behind at Lyford High School


I am the father of a student at Lyford High School's DAEP program. Although my son was exonerated by another student of his violation of the school's Code of Conduct, Lyford CISD administration ruled that it didn't matter. I have exhausted all the resources provided by school policy of resolving my concerns regarding his placement in the program, the ability of this program to meet my son's educational needs, and the total ineptitude of administration to provide EVERY student at this school a quality education.

I have provided the principal, superintendent, and the board of trustees substantial and ample evidence of Lyford CISD not being in compliance with Federal and State Laws. My son has been denied the education vested to him by the No Child Left Behind Amendment (2001) of the Elementary and Secondary Act of 1965 and State Education Codes, particularly Chapters 37 & 42. But it doesn't matter.

In the documentation of my complaints and the reponses to my complaints, I have written acknowledgement by Superintendent Eduardo Infante of my "legitimate concerns." But it didn't matter.

The day after my final appeal, I met Trustee Janie Solis at the ballpark, and she acknowledged my concern with the DAEP program. She told me now I should focus my complaints at the DAEP's inadequacy. She had the nerve to tell me my son was better off in DAEP. She didn't realize or didn't know that their(board of trustees)ruling was final. On the day of our conversation, it didn't matter. But she was willing to meet with me to discuss the issue further at a discrete location. For the record, we never met for that discussion.

I also had another conversation with Trustee Oscar Garcia Jr., at the time I had already been advised that my son had not passed the TAKS and would not be graduating. I was expressing my disappointment and he stated "It is your fault as a parent that he didn't pass the TAKS." I clarified this statement by asking him if I was 100% responsible for my son not graduating? His response was "YES, 100%." I again asked if Lyford CISD held ANY accountability and he responded NO. My son failed to graduate, it was my fault, and to Lyford CISD it didn't matter.

In a community as small as ours and with graduation fast approaching, I can pretty accurately determine the percentage of Lyford High School seniors that will not graduate. It is a fair statement to say that approximately 10-20% of Lyford High School seniors will not graduate with the Class of 2008. After attending the last 4 board meetings and witnessing the voting results of tabled items, there is hardly a bipartisan opinion. And after talking to Mrs Solis and Mr Garcia, if your child failed to graduate, it is your fault. It is a sad state in which I find my ALMA MATER. If it fails to graduate nearly 1 in 5, and that is not counting dropouts, we deserve radical change. Teacher turnover, particularly at the high school, has to symbolize something(problems). Lyford CISD Board of Trustees, if my child doesn't matter to you, you have to listen to and address this monster you have awoken. I am speaking of the 10-20% Lyford Senior Parents that were Left Behind that according to current trustees don't matter. I wonder if that was on your campaign slogan when we voted for you. LET ME GUESS, IT STILL DOESN'T MATTER!!!!!!!!!!



(PUN INTENDED) Editor's Note:

School Board president Cruz Salinas was asked to comment, but elected not to do so.

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