2008-11-12 / Front Page

Final results in for Kenedy County's general election

Hubert elected to first full term as district attorney

John T. Hubert
Incumbent D.A. John T. Hubert (R-Kingsville) was reelected by Kenedy and Kleberg County voters to his first full term as the two-county district attorney, after being appointed by Gov. Rick Perry in Sept. 2007 to the newly created position.


Hubert beat challenger Frank Alvarez (D-Kingsville) in a highly contested race. Final vote count percentages in Kenedy County were 63.6 percent for Hubert and 36.4 percent for Alvarez. Percentages were similar in Kleberg County, as previously reported.

Official results for Kenedy County's Precinct 3 commissioners race was provided a day late by Elections Administrator Roy Ruiz.

Sarita Armstrong-Hixon was elected to her first full term by even more votes than previously reported. She received 33 votes, to rancher Mitch Thomas's 19 votes. Businesswoman Leach Chambliss received 13 votes, compared to what was previously reported.

The Chronicle/News apologizes to Kenedy County readers for inconclusive and inaccurate results from last week, due to the election administrators non-responsiveness to media inquiries.

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