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Letter to the Editor

Dr. Spence vows to promote 2-party Political System in county


I have an early New Year's resolution. A new promise for Lent. I'm coming clean. Turning over a new leaf. Purging a bad habit. Digging myself out of a hole. I know I can do it. Just takes will power, prayer, meditation, and possibly Divine Intervention.

I vow to never again vote in a Democrat Party Primary. (picture me making that statement with beads of sweat on my furrowed brow, but with a grimly determined mien.)

A couple of personal historical data points: 1. My Dad was one of those old loyal Roosevelt New Deal Democrats. I'm fairly certain that he voted the straight party line nearly 100% of time until the 2nd Reagan term when he finally caved in. It was the first time I recall hearing someone say that "I didn't leave the Democrat Party, it left me."

2. As far as I can recall, I've never marked a ballot for a Democrat in a general election involving state or national candidates. Without going into further detail, that's just how it has been for me.

However, because of our local one party system, it's always been my contention that in order to have a voice with our local political activities that it was incumbent upon me as a responsible and concerned denizen of Willacy County that I march into a Democrat Party polling location each primary season and cast my lot.

Never again. The latest election cycle where Obama/Biden steam rolled McCain/Palin with the complicit and corrupt mainstream media serving as Obamas personal valet, chauffeur, caddy, hit man, and bully body guard was the last straw for me. The specter of Pelosi, Reid, Barney Frank, and a legion of other socialists left winged radicals which have become the dominating base of the Democrat Party has permanently altered the way I can even semiassociate myself with that party. We're potentially in a heap of trouble for the next few years, and Mr. Whitworth's earlier editorial on the subject was spot on.

My Dad was the most loyal person that I've ever known. When he committed himself to a person or a cause, he was all in. All day, all night, all the time. He passed some of that usually wonderful trait on to me. I say "usually wonderful" because loyalty to a fault can become a liability. A stark example along the lines of this missive's topic is the fact that Dad cast a vote for the worst president in my lifetime - and I daresay in his lifetime - Jimmy Carter over Ronald Reagan in Reagan's first go around. I don't feel I need to expand on that awful and, in retrospect, somewhat pathological decision. Even though in the deep recesses of his heart and mind he knew Carter was a disaster, his loyalty to a political party interfered with his normal good sense and actions. I have my own personal examples of this phenomenon, and I would wager that many of you readers do also.

Willacy County needs to join the rest of the state and most of the country and become a two party political environment. Hello 21st Century. Hello healthy political discourse. Goodbye to old pathological habits.

I want to stress that I honestly believe that the great majority of our locally elected officials, all of whom are Democrats, or at least ran as Democrats, are honest and well meaning folks serving the needs of our communities. There are a couple of painful and disastrous examples that run counter to that assessment, but I'm not going to mention any names here, although one has a surname that, translated into English, means "War".

I'll close with what I plan to do. I'm going to get together in the near future with Bonnie Brown, our Willacy County Republican Party Chairman (it's no longer politically necessary to say "chairperson"), and others who feel so inclined and start the process of getting like thinking members of our community to throw their hats in the political rings here as Republicans. I have no deluded expectations that my influence and participation in this will have a snowball effect to avalanche impact on the voting habits and tendencies of our fellow Willacy County travelers. But you gotta start somewhere. We need choices. Valid ones. Different ones. Healthy ones. As an old saying goes, "All politics are local."

I plan on a few follow ups in the weeks to come if the editor will see fit to print my fanciful forays into political commentary. With the voice of Jeff Foxworthy of " ....why then you must be redneck" fame serving as the backdrop in your minds as you read them, I'm working on a series of statements about Democrats that go something like this .....

If you believe that the government/ Big Brother is responsible for your emotional, psychological, physical, and economical well being from cradle to grave, why then you must be a Democrat.

If you can't appreciate the similarities in the extreme anti-American rhetoric emanating from the likes of al-Quai'da, al-Jazeera, al-Zawahari, al-Sharpton, al-Gore, al-Franken, et al-whomever, why then you must be a Democrat. This might be fun. Onward and forward with smiles on our faces and positive attitudes towards our future. It's the conservative way. A. B. Spence

Editor's comments:

* Anyone who thinks the Democrat Party has done a lot for South Texas needs to explain why we are the poorest area in the United States after 150 years of Democrat rule.

* If Dr. Spence suddenly disappears we will know that he has been picked up by Obama's "thought police." Obama said last week that in addition to our military we need to form a 250,000 man "domestic force to keep the peace." That probably will be when he tries to conficate weapons owned by civilians in violation of the 2nd amendment.

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