2008-12-31 / News


In Lyford on Monday morning there was a car that was run over by a 18 wheeler truck (rig). The 18 wheeler truck was going to Santa Rosa from Raymondville and failed to make the stop, the driver said, " It's been awhile since I passed through here and I didn't see any warning of a new stop sign along the road." Lyford Fire Department was quickly at the scene ; Fire Chief, Mr. Espinoza said, " It is hurting us instead of helping us." It's been about 5 to 6 weeks since they made this intersection, a 4 way stop, it used to be a 2 way stop; meaning that Broadway Ave. had a 2 way stop, and Bus. 77 had no stop, it had been like this for years until recently they changed it and residents of Lyford and Willacy county are having a hard time adjusting to it since it is a new 4 way intersection. When driving by there drive with caution and beware of the stops signs. 490 between Lyford and Raymondville is a very dangerous intersection too, because of contruction going on; try to avoid it to prevent any accidents.

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