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City Police Chief reports lower crime rate in recent days

Police Chief Uvaldo Zamora told commissioners crimes of graffitti, gang violence and burglaries have dropped recently especially on the north side near 11th Street and San Franciso. The reason crime is down, he said, is that three or four gang members from that area are in jail.

A woman who identified herself as Gracie Moreno Cruz would likely dispute the chief on this matter after she spoke in the audience portion of the meeting.

An ongoing feud between members of the Cruz family and the de los Santos family has caused her to fear for the safety of her children, she said.

Mrs. Cruz' son was shot in the groin last year and she claims not enough has been done about it. She said she gave statements to police but nothing was done.

"My son was shot during the day and they (his assailants) still laugh about it."

Mrs. Cruz said she complained to district attorney Juan Guerra who referred her to the police.

"Then I went to see Mr. Ammerman and I told him I am still not satisfied"(new district, attorney Bernard Ammerman).

She said there used to be a street light behind her property, but it was blown out by the hurricane.

City Manager Eleazar "Yogi" Garcia told Mrs. Cruz that police made two arrests as the result of the most recent shooting incident, but they "didn't live there."

"It's not just my son, it's everyone who lives there," (who are afraid of gang memers) she concluded.

Commissioner Yolanda Alexandre advised Mrs. Cruz to come to city hall and arrangements were made for her to speak to the city manager this morning.

"We don't want people to feel threatened, or that they have to stay locked up in their own home," said mayor Orlando "Lonnie" Correa.

"That's exactly how we feel," replied Mrs. Cruz.

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