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Behind the Badge

Honoring our veterans
By Larry G. Spence

It's Veterans Day again and that means it's the time of the year when we honor all Veterans who have served during wartime and in peacetime, and those who are still serving. Not to be confused with Memorial Day when we honor those veterans who died in service, Veterans Day is a special time to honor those that are still living. It's a time when we give a little honor to those who gave a lot.

America is called the home of the free, because of the brave. The brave men and women who without regard for their own personal goals and ambitions, set aside a time of their life to serve their beloved country and their fellow man. When you think of veterans and all they've been through, you immediately think of battles fought, wounds received, physical and emotional battle scars left to deal with the remainder of their lives. We think of those from WWII, proud Americans, whose numbers are dwindling, who did what they had to do and came home to hardly talk about it again unless asked. We think about others who fought in Korea, cold and dangerous, but again they fought bravely and honorably.

Vietnam was misunderstood by most back home, but for those doing the fighting, they knew full well why and how it should be done, and they did it. There wasn't any brass bands to welcome them back, but they made up for it by making sure the same reception didn't happen to the troops returning today. The American fighting men and women, there are none like them. So this Veterans Day I ask you to honor them for their service and for the freedom we continue to enjoy because of the sacrifices they so willingly made for God, Country, and flag and family.

One final observation I'd like to mention, after talking with several returning soldiers from the current fighting and after seeing the professionalism and attitude of the men and women of our Armed Forces, especially during the recent tragedy at Ft. Hood, Texas, I believe our American Fighting Forces are in good hands and they make America proud. I salute them all!

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