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Using cell phone in school zone could cost Lyford drivers $200

Lyford City Commissioners amended ordinance #09- 11-09 Monday night to provide for a fine of up to $200 for using a hand-held cell phone while driving in a school zone.

Commissioners agreed that signs have been posted warning motorists of the new rules and everyone has had the opportunity to hear about the change which is being made for the safety of school children. Inattentive drivers are more than four times as likely to strike a child in a school zone experts say.

The motion to make the ordinance change came from Joey Mendoza and passed unanimously.

Commissioners set Dec. 16 at 5:30 p.m. for the groundbreaking and dedication LO OK F OR K en's of the new pa rk as required by grant funding. The motion was made by Ramon Perez, Jr.,

Lyford Volunteer Firemen will soon have stylish Polo shirts and T-shirts with their names on them as the result of a request by firechief Scotty Birdsong. Each volunteer will get two of each kind of shirt and the total cost approved was $654.11 on a motion by Joey Mendoza.

Birdsong also got the okay to synchronize his various types of radios so that he can talk to all of his men on the same unit. The cost will be $539.50.

The chief said that his dept. will take delivery of two SCBA air packs from the Texas Forest Service at a cost of $180.00. And the fire dept. recently took delivery of a 1978 fire truck that was overhauled and refurbished in 1991. The truck will get new reflective decals to be in compliance.

Mayor Henry De La Paz complimented Birdsong on the improvements the fire dept. has been making and the number of new members.

The mayor reported on the $100,000 grant the city got for remodeling city hall. The city will advertise for a contractor "and the building will have a modern look when we are finished," said the mayor.

Plans for the Christmas Parade are underway and city officials are hoping for an improvement over last year when only one float participated. There will be live music, a cookoff and the mayor hopes for something like a tamale eating contest.

"I can put away a lot of tamales," he boasted.

There will be cash prizes for the best floats and some nice gifts like a flatscreen tv, and dvd player.

There will also be a cake decorating contest.

VTX donated $1,000 for the event the mayor said.

Commissioners voted to accept the 2001 Ford Police Interceptor sedan donated by the Sebastian Constable. The vehicle will be used as a backup by the police dept.

During the audience portion of the meeting several citizens addressed the commissioners.

Sixto Barrera said he wants to bring a sick horse from La Feria to his three acres homestead in Lyford so that he can treat the animal twice daily. Commissioners agreed to allow Barrera to keep the horse in town for up to six weeks as an exception to the animal ordinance.

Sylvia Romo talked about a problem she is having with cars blocking the street in front of her home near the football stadium on game nights. She said that it is hard to get into and out of her driveway during games. Mayor de la Paz will talk to Coach Infante to see if they can come up with a solution, although the season is now winding down.

City Attorney Hoffman said, "You need to pass an ordinance to keep people from parking on that street." The matter will be on the agenda on Nov. 23.

Finally, local barber Bernadino Perez launched a blistering attack on his neighbors who keep a barking dog on their property. This is the second time in three months Perez has complained.

"What is going on there is uncalled for," he said.

"I can't even walk behind my own building. The dog is tied up but the chain is long enough for him to hit the fence.

They paint cars in the front. Last Friday they had three cars blocking the street. They should do the painting and sanding inside the garage. My business has been there for a long time.

That dog is gonna hurt a child and those people need to be told. Somebody is going to get sued."

Perez said, "I need some action on this matter," and was told his complaint will be on the agenda at the next meeting.

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