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Contreras sentenced to 11 months for cocaine possession

The possession of small amounts of cocaine on two different occasions has resulted in a sentence of 11 months in jail far Luis Alberto Contreras.

Contreras, a Mexican alien, was supposed to go to trial in 197th State District Court on Monday. At the last moment, he decided to accept a plea offer from the district attorney's office in exchange for a guilty plea.

District Attorney Bernard Ammerman said that Contreras is hoping that he will not be deported to Mexico following his jail stay because it will be less than a year. A longer jail term would likely assure his deportation, Ammerman said.

Meanwhile, George Juarez, Jr. was sentenced to eight years in prison probated for eight years for the possession of marijuana.

District Attorney Ammerman said that if the defendant gets into any more trouble with the law he will have to serve the eight year sentence.

And Leticia Gonzales has been sentenced to two years deferred adjudication for the possession of a controlled substance, cocaine, and for engaging in criminal organized activity, money laundering.

Deferred adjudication is usually offered to young defendants who have no previous convicions. If they serve their probation successfully they have no criminal record. If they do not they can be sen- tenced for their original charges plus any additional charges.

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