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Behind the Badge

Another year: Baby boomers are older and hopefully wiser
By Larry G. Spence

As I am writing this we are now three days into the new year, 2011. There are about 75 million people called “baby boomers” in the country. This is a term used to define those born after World War II, and especially between 1946 and 1964. We always thought we were the younger generation, the ones “hip” to every new thing that came along. Now we look around and find that we are no longer “hip,” most of us can’t even “hop” if we had to.

We grew up with etch-asketch and hula hoops, kids today have video games, cell phones, large screen TVs and much more. When we were growing up being sent to your room was a form of punishment, today it’s a form of entertainment. Baby boomers used to make fun of older people, now they are doing the same things they used to make fun of others doing. Men boomers don’t have to worry about buying pants because they wear the same ones they wore in high school, they just hide them under bigger bellies.

Baby boomers had great music to listen to as we grew up, not anything like this stuff that poses as music these days. We also had great movies like “Dirty Harry.” “Go ahead, make my day,” we would practice saying through squinted eyes, just like Clint Eastwood. We’re still squinting these days, but it’s from trying to read the paper or a menu, or from the sun hitting our bifocals. Not quite as intimidating as when Clint used to do it. All my life I’ve had an older guy as President. Now all of a sudden I wake up and there’s a guy younger than I am in the White House. What’s up with that?

I noticed even the children’s books have changed since the baby boomers got older. We went from the old seven dwarfs, Grumpy, Happy, Bashful, whoever those guys were, to a new set which now include, Squinty, Baldy, Touchy, Cranky, Drafty, Chubby, and the lovable Gassy. For excitement these days “Boomers” hang around the re- tirement home and play, “guess what the tattoo used to be?” Well, we may be a little older, a little slower, and as long as our clothes can snap, button or buckle, we’ll still wear them, but we’re still the “ Baby Boomers” and we still rule. A word of warning before closing, while listening to your favorite 60’s music, if “ Let’s twist again” comes on...don’t. A special thanks goes out to the one who sent me this Hallmark book to “brighten my day.”

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