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Good things Still Come in Small Packages

I was sitting with my wife at the San Perlita High School Graduation, enjoying the crowd and their expressions, meeting old friends when suddenly the graduating class began marching in. I knew a few of them, but I was looking for one in particular. One short in stature, but tall in faith and achievement. I was looking for Katherine Audrey Vasquez.

It wasn't hard to spot her, she looked a little out of place on a basketball court, but not in a cap and gown. As the evening activities got underway I looked around and there were lots of smiles and even a few tears. As I sat listening to the speakers my mind raced back 18 years earlier. Marcelino, Katie's father and her Uncle Tony were both long time dedicated employees of our Sheriff's Department, and close friends, both then and now. Katie grew up along with her twin brother and sister hanging around the department. She was a special gift from heaven, a miracle baby, a little sister to twins Abby and Gavin.

I remembered Rosie, Katie's mom going into the hospital to deliver a baby, all was well and then problems arose. When Katie was born she was so tiny she would fit in a small shoebox. Then Rosie got ill and for a time we wondered if either of them would make it out of the hospital. However, through God's grace and a lot of prayer both eventually got better. I remember Katie growing up, her pets, a lot of pets of all kinds. I remember her helping with Lions Club projects because we had helped her with eyeglasses. Many memories flooded my mind as we waited for her name to be called. Finally there she was walking down the steps to receive her diploma, a big smile on her face.

I couldn't help but smile thinking back on the challenges and hard work that went in to this special moment. As she came into the crowd to present flowers to her Mom and Dad I could see the pride reflecting from their faces and those of her brother and sister. I even felt a little pride myself for maybe playing a tiny part in the life of this sweet young lady. Katie also picked up a scholarship and an award that night making the night even more eventful for her. I just wish the doctor that delivered her had been there to see what this miracle baby had accomplished. There were several other outstanding seniors graduating that night, all very special to their parents and grandparents as well. There before us was our future, and from what I saw, it appears as if we will be in good hands. It was worth sitting on the hard bleacher seats among the balloons and flowers just to witness this happy occasion. Good luck to all graduates this year and may your future be blessed.

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