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Ways to get your picture in the paper
By Larry G. Spence

There are times when someone will do something nice, something heroic, something charitable, that will get their story and picture in the newspaper. This is “good news”, news people like to read because while they feel good for the person mentioned, it also makes them feel better about themselves and society as a whole. We need more stories like those, sharing good news.

On the other hand there is another way to get your story and picture in the paper and that is by doing something wrong, something illegal. Most people when they read the paper look for the court news so they can find out who is getting sued or taken to court, and who is filing for divorce. Then they may go to the police blotter to see who was arrested or where the police calls for family violence were located. The ones I read in the paper are the police arrests with pictures. This is not where you want to read your story and see your picture.

After reading a few of these there are several hints that you can pick up to keep your name and picture out of the paper. #1. If you are going to drive make sure everything on your vehicle is in working condition, lights, turn signals etc. #2. When stopping, stop at the designated spot, don’t ease into the intersection. #3. Make sure your vehicles sticker and license plates are valid along with your license. #4 Don’t carry any illegal substances in your vehicle or on your person. #5. Don’t have any outstanding tickets or fines, or warrants for failure to appear pending, #6. Don’t take off running, you may outrun the officer, but you can’t outrun the radio, and besides by now they already know your name. If not driving, just staying at home, don't be punching your girlfriend, wife, or significant other. If you violate any of these I’ve listed, which several do every day evidently, you can guarantee your picture and story will make the newspaper.

So if you seek attention, the above is a sure way to get it, but it's so much better if you get attention drawn to you by lending a helping hand to someone, working in a civic club such as Lions or Rotary. Working for better living conditions, the betterment of your community and helping those less fortunate. None of us, except for a few actually seek publicity, but sometimes it comes our way, so let’s try and keep it positive and in the category of “Good News.”

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