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Behind the Badge

Honoring Our Veterans
By Larry G. Spence

I just want to take a little time this week to thank everyone who posted so many kind comments in answer to my wife posting information about my birthday. It made for a really nice day, and it's been a while since I've had a day like yesterday. (Monday) even got to talk with all the boys, had supper with one, and even talked with the one and his wonderful family who are currently halfway around the world. So God is good, and I thank him for all my family and friends.

Next Monday is Veterans Day and the celebrations will be starting early at some of the schools in the County. Some will have their celebrations on Friday and others on Monday, so that the Veterans can try to make them all. We have a lot of veterans in the Rio Grande Valley, and quite a few in Willacy County, and they all have a little history they can share with the children if asked. It's because of our veterans that our lives are free, it's because of our veterans that our nation lives. Veterans Day, unlike Memorial Day, is a day to honor all Veterans. All those who have ever served their country in the Armed forces.

Our World War II veteran numbers are decreasing at an alarming rate. These brave men have served their country well and have set such a fine example for others that follow them. Veterans of the Korean War and Vietnam Wars are enduring a lot of medical problems since coming home, as are some of those serving today.

I am so proud of the Vietnam veterans who have endured so much when they came home, but now are first in line at airports and other gathering places of our troops to welcome them home and thank them for their service, Despite attempts to downsize them, the United States Military Forces are among the best in the world and we need to keep it that way.

I would like to encourage you to attend some of the Veterans Day observances this week and early next week. If you have a veteran in your family, thank him or her for their service. Pray for those who are still serving, especially those in harms way, that they will be kept safe and return to their loved ones as quickly as possible. Pray for the families left at home while their son or daughter, Aunt or Uncle, Mom or Dad, are away and serving our Nation. The red of our country's flag is made redder still by their patriotism, the white more stainlessly pure by the motives that have impelled them, and In the starry fields of our nation's glorious banner, the blue has been glorified by the service they have given to our American ideals. Our prayer today is that those sacrifices our veterans have so willingly made, may never be forgotten or been made in vain. The United States of America-Land of the Free- Because of the Brave. God Bless America, and God Bless our Veterans!

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