2013-11-06 / Letters

Sebastian has a rat problem

Rats still run rampant in Sebastian, the two legged kind. While people go out to enjoy Halloween parties and visit friends, the punks are out in force stealing your goods. This Halloween two mobile homes were broken in.

The first one everything was taken - clothes, dishes, beds, TVs - everything.

The second mobile home next door, only things outside were taken. A real heavy bar- b- q pit, chairs, tents and a smoker. There is more than one rat and they have a pickup or a pickup and trailer. We (the people, victims) should go back to the Old West Times. Horse thieves - hang them. Or maybe further back in time - let’s say medieval. Hang them, cut them down, quarter them and then burn them. But we can’t do that because we are civilized and have laws.

P.S. Chopping off their hands or poking their eyes with sharp sticks would work. No jail time and no more rat problems. Two of many remedies available to you.

J.J. Ramirez
Sebastian, TX

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