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Behind the Badge

Border violence/domestic and international terrorism classes held
By Larry G. Spence

Last week I attended a class on Border Violence along with information on Domestic and International Terrorism. Both classes were very interesting, informative, and current- There were many officers there from departments all over the Valley. A lot of important information was shared by those making the presentations. The information was information that officers could and should use, to be aware of the people that they have contact with during their normal tour of duty. By being aware and staying focused, it could mean the difference between staying alive or being injured or killed. There is so much going on that the average citizen is not aware of, and the local, state, and federal officers need your help, your support, and your prayers.

The afternoon was taken up with two sessions on terrorism, Domestic, and International. These sessions were loaded with good, current information on what is going on in regards to Terrorism both in country, and also around the world. I came away with a new sense of danger, fear for our loved ones, and concern because the first responders, police, fire, and EMS, the ones to arrive at a scene after the event, whatever it may be. I went away from these sessions glad that the information we were given was current and the best available at this time, but also realizing that there are a lot of people with nothing more on their mind but destruction. I share all this not to scare anyone, but to get you to be more aware of your surroundings and what is going on around you daily. We need as many extra eyes and ears to help us do the job we are trying to do. Therefore, I encourage you to share any information you might obtain that concerns possible illegal activity. Be suspicious of strangers snooping around. Be aware of who is going in and out of homes in your neighborhood. It could save your life and the lives of many others around you.

Some people are still receiving phone calls from people claiming that a relative has been injured or arrested in Mexico and needs money for the hospital or to make bond to get out of jail. Ninety-nine percent of these calls are scams. Do not send money without checking the information out first. Be aware that some of these callers sound sincere until you refuse and then they get real nasty and even threatening. So if you receive such a call, contact your local law enforcement agency.

By the time you read this column we should be returning from our semi-annual Texas Border Sheriffs’ Coalition meeting with the Southwestern Borders Sheriffs from California, Arizona, and New Mexico. This time instead of us travelling, they are coming to our part of the Country. I will fill you in on that meeting after we return from our conference. Have a safe week!

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