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Behind the Badge

"When it's more than just a job"
By Larry G. Spence

The young man walked into the corner store and asked the man behind the counter if he could borrow his phone for a couple of minutes. The man behind the counter gave him a thorough look over and then slid the phone across the counter where the young man could reach it. The young man punched in the number he wanted and waited for someone to answer. When the person on the other end answered the young man asked," Could you use an honest hard-working young man to work for you?" There was a pause and then the young man said, "oh, you already have an honest hard-working young man." "Well, ok, thanks just the same." Then he hung up the phone smiling and handed it back to the man behind the counter. The man behind the counter told him, "I couldn't help but hear what you asked, and even the answer. So why are you so happy?" The young man replied, "I am that young man, I was just checking up on my job."

Isn't that a great story? I wonder what the reply would be if we checked up on our job like the young man did. Are we doing a good job, are we giving as much as we should to our employer? How about as parents? Are we doing the best we can in raising our children in this crazy mixedup world? Or are we leading by example in the wrong direction? How about if you called your neighbor and asked, "How am I doing as a good neighbor?" These days more and more people don't have any contact with their neighbors, or even know them by name.

I remember growing up if I was out too late or doing something I should not be doing, my neighbors would even stop me on the street and tell me it was time to go home. Or they would mention I shouldn't be doing whatever it was that caused them to notice me. They might even give me a swat on the head or behind to help me start home. Did I tell my parents so they could get mad at the neighbors? Of course not, they appreciated it, and I probably would get another swat just for telling. We need to do some selfinspection from time to time, just to see how we are doing with the things we are involved with, Check with your boss, your neighbor, your friends, your church, and if all is well, then go for the big test. Check with God to see how you're doing.. We have God given gifts and talents to use in our lives to be a blessing to others and our own family. We need to make use of those gifts and talents to the best of our abilities, and use them to the upmost. So this week, pick up the phone, look in a mirror, or during your prayer time, just check, and see how you're doing. You may be surprised like the young man, but then again, we all have room for improvement!

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