2015-05-13 / Crime & Courts


MAY 11 - Criminal mischief, over $50, under $500, assault causing bodily injury, FV, 400 blk W. Raymond.

Arrested: Noemi Troncoso, execution of warrant, tampering with witness, 300 blk W. Durham.

Verbal disturbance, 400 blk W. Yturria.

Incident: commitment to 2000 blk Lotus St., Harlingen.

Theft, over $50, under $500, 200 blk E. Sauz.

MAY 10 - Sexual assault, 100 blk N. Exp. 77.

Arson, 1100 blk N. 6th.

Obstruction of retaliation, FV, 200 blk W. Sonora.

MAY 9 - Theft, over $50, under $500, 800 blk W. Raymond.

Theft, over $50, under $500, 100 blk S. 2nd.

Assault by contact, FV, criminal trespass, 300 blk W. Main.

Information, 300 blk W. Canal.

Arrested: Oscar De La Fuente, assault causing bodily injury, FV, 200 blk E. Durham.

Arrested: Enrique Ramirez, public intoxication, 700 blk W. Hidalgo.

Harassment by phone, 300 blk E. Raymond.

Assault, 400 blk E. Gem.

Arrested: Sylvia Shultz, injury to a child/elderly/disabled, reckless bodily injury, FV, assault causing bodily injury, FV, 800 blk S. 9th.

Agg. assault w/deadly weapon, Gem and Adeline.

MAY 8 - Criminal mischief, over $50, under $500, 600 blk W. Riggs.

Assault by contact, 1100 blk N. 3rd.

Additional information, 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Supplement: assault by contact, 1100 blk N. 3rd.

Welfare concern, 400 blk S. 5th.

Accident (minor), 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Assault causing bodily injury (FV), 400 blk E. Hidalgo.

MAY 7 - Harassment, 800 blk E. Norman.

Burglary of habitation, 500 blk S. 10th.

Accident, 100 blk E. Rodriguez.

Civil matter, 200 blk E. Hidalgo.

Assault by threat, 200 blk W. San Francisco.

Welfare concern, 200 blk E. Harris.

Incident, 800 blk E. Norman.

Criminal mischief, over $50, under $500, 100 blk FM 3168.

Civil matter, 700 blk W. Hidalgo.

Interference w/emergency phone calls and terroristic threats, 200 blk W. Canal.

MAY 5 - Burglary of habitation,

400 blk W. Main.

Verbal disturbance, 200 blk W. San Francisco.

Verbal disturbance, 800 blk W. Hidalgo.

Criminal trespass, 900 blk W. Hidalgo.

Revised list of property taken from residence, 700 blk W. San Francisco.

MAY 4 - Arrested: Jose Luis Delgado, public intoxication, 300 blk S. 16th.

Threats, 900 blk W. San Francisco.

Accident, 100 blk S. 7th.

Criminal mischief, 400 blk W. Tampico.

Assault causing bodily injury, FV, 1100 blk N. 3rd.

Burglary of vehicle, 800 blk W. Raymond.

Incident: structure fire, 500 blk W. Tampico.

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