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Avoiding Pity Parties
By Larry G. Spence

The last couple of weeks have been a little hectic, and sometimes frustrating. I read every day in the newspaper, or while watching the latest news everything going on, or in some cases, not going on, and tend to get down. Before you know if you find yourself having a little pity party. "Oh, woe is me, nothing is going the way it should, control has been taken out of my hands, I'm left to deal with the circumstances, and on and on."

It's easy to fall into that kind of trap if you allow yourself not to stay focused on the situation at hand. It appeared that no matter how much we tried we were getting nowhere in providing services, eliminating problems, and addressing the important issues. The longer I thought about it the worse it got. The thought came to me, "We're not even making a difference anymore, what's the use, nobody cares anyway." If you don't care, then these sort of things don't bother you, but if you do care, then these kind of things can really get you down. I'm sure each of us has at one time or another gone through something similar.

I really let it get the best of me for a day or so, but then I snapped, "Feeling sorry for myself doesn't solve anything, I needed to pray about the situa- tion." Once that was done, I could see a different picture, and a definite different outlook on things. I reminded myself that I have been down this road before, and sometime in the future I will probably go down it again, but for now I need to remember who is in charge and who is helping walk through all this. Once that was taken care of, life got easier, the issues are still there, but I know we will survive. As for making a difference, well God sent two different people on two different occasions to my office. Although there to talk about something else, both on different days, both thanked me for talking with them years ago about their lives and what direction they were headed. I didn't remember, but they did, and they were sent to reassure me that what we have been trying to do for the last thirty years was making a difference in some lives.

How about you? Do you feel at times that you've been wasting your time at work, in a marriage, perhaps a career? You know where to go for the answer? Don't waste time with "Pity Parties." One of my favorites verses is "This too shall pass." And you know what? It will. Walk by faith, not by sight! Stay blessed and stay safe!

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