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Resident wants local hospital

To Whom It May Concern,

This is being drafted in the form of a petition in order to collect signatures for the purpose of requesting a hospital here in Willacy County. It would make sense to have one here that way we would avoid having to transport someone with a life or death medical condition all the way to Harlingen for treatment. If we had a hospital here, we wouldn’t have to worry about that and we also wouldn’t have to worry about the individual possibly losing their life in transit to either hospital in Harlingen? I really think we should get the ball rolling on getting one started up.

Guadalupe Cavazos

- - - Mrs. Cavazos,

I don’t believe you are going to find much support for a local hospital among the taxpayers. We had a county hospital for quite a while back in the 1970’s and it failed because the operating costs were much higher than revenues from patient care and the tax rate which was only 4ยข per hundred dollar valuation. The hospital was located in what is now the Hernandez Funeral Home. The population of this county is not any higher than it was at that time and you will find that there is no appetite for a tax increase to fund a hospital, given the fact that the EMS now has trained paramedics to provide emergency care while the patients are being transported to the hospital in Harlingen. The Editor,

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