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You Have the Opportunity To Vote, So Do So!
By Larry G. Spence

The signs are out, the candidates, or their helpers have been going door to door, and you've had the opportunity to check out each candidate before making your choice. I hope you have done your homework. Many good people have sacrificed time and money to ask you for your support during this election year. You may be getting tired of all that's been on TV, but you also have choices on the local levels. You should study the candidates thoroughly before making your decision as to whom to give your vote.

You want to know, if they have been in office recently or at some time, how did they do while serving. If they haven't yet attained an elected office, what are their goals, their qualifications, their education, their current employment. Are they involved within the community, with our youth, with civic organizations, churches, schools, do they have a business, etc. Is this person going to be the type of person you want to represent you, your community, and your county? These are all important issues that need to be resolved before you cast your ballot. Early voting has just started, so there is still time to get to know the candidates if you haven't already. Take the time to visit with each one on a County-wide position, and those in your particular precinct, if not a county-wide position. This week and next they will be very easy to find. You will probably be able to find them sometime during the day across from the early voting polling place.

The right to vote is something that shouldn't be taken lightly. It is something that we should do at each and every election. I know sometimes you are called to vote on just propositions, and maybe we don't even understand what they are about, or maybe even some of them pertain to other parts of the state. Even then though, we should take a few minutes of our time to go and vote. You don't have a right to sit back and complain if you don't vote and try to make a difference. So I encourage you, if you are a registered voter, please take the time and effort to go vote, not only this election, but every election. That's one of the great things about being an American, you get to choose who represents you, not be told who will represent you. It's hard to tell sometimes, but also make sure they will be a public servant, if elected, not a selfserving ejected official. Get out the vote! Vote for the candidate of your choice, but vote! Have a good week and stay safe and stay blessed!

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