2016-10-26 / Letters

Reader comments on the election


I looked at the Sunday V.M.S., 10/24/2016, at what Hector Ramirez wrote. He should be ashamed. He wants the Lord and Blessed Mother to bless Hillary and family. What a joke! She has been pulling this stuff for 30 or more years. Come on, if you are a Catholic and others you can’t vote for a Democrat like Hillary on the ticket. She is for 110% abortion. Blessed Pope John Paul II said, “A nation that kills its children is nation without hope.” All you Democrats who are ready to vote come on read. I have seen abortion done two times, makes you crazy. Play by God’s rules, not by man’s and Hillary Clinton’s. ABC, CBS and NBC - they water down the news. Listen to Rush Limbaugh-99.8% right. A border patrolman told me their hands are tied. Trump said our border is wide open: murders, rapists, killers. Come on, voters, think about the USA.

Yours truly, Herman J. Troppy Raymondville, TX - - -

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