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This old man - Andy Shewmaker

Looking back over the years, marveling at the speed of time. The hopes, the dreams and the fears seem to flash by in my mind.

In youth, it seemed time was on my side. I never worried, just enjoyed it. There was always enough time for young men to ride. We worked hard and that was the way of it.

Family and friends were always there for the good times and the bad. It wasn’t always easy back then but it was the best of life we had.

Now, as I look back, the years I had were the best. Of our needs there was no lack. I pray God will say I passed the test.

He was born over a 100 years ago and grew up in the backwoods of East Texas. He learned very early to survive and with the help of his family and friends, he learned well. The lessons he learned were not so much in books, but by using his head and hands.

A man’s word back then meant a lot. Many deals were made with a handshake and were binding. You could say he was a “straight shooter.” He was truthful and fair in his deals. He told his nephew he could never be a politician because he wasn’t a good liar.

Happy 106th Birthday,

Andy Shewmaker!!


- The Shewmaker Family

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