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Behind the Badge

Life is frustrating.. at times
By Larry G. Spence

There's an old country tune by Lynn Anderson I believe entitled, " I Never Promised You A Rose Garden." Among the rose bush with the pretty flowers you will always find a bunch of thorns, and if you aren't careful, they will hurt you. Life is like that as well, you go along and everything is fine, but then, you encounter the thorns. Usually I'm pretty good about handling comments and even some actions. I just bite my tongue, say nothing and move forward. Sometimes it's difficult though when somebody puts you down for doing, or not doing something and they don't have all the facts, and then there are some that couldn't get them correct if they had them, but they throw out the thorns anyway. That's when frustration set in.

I thought I had become pretty good about letting people's comments not bother me because I know what I've done about whatever the situation may be, and they don't. But small town gossip and outright lies begin to take their toll after a while. I'm thankful that God has a hand in my life, because he helps keep me out of trouble and from saying things to people I may regret later. That happened recently when after tiring of being the whipping boy for the lack of progress on the local 8-liner topic, I went looking for people. God stepped in and allowed one to not be at work, another to be too busy to speak with me. So in hindsight, that was probably a good thing. Unfortunately one official was available and I thank him for listening to me vent for about 20 minutes.

In this particular situation there has been a lot of roadblocks almost at every turn, many of which the media hasn't been privilege to, and that's not their fault but when you do an investigation you don't share every little detail with everyone. Bottom line there are a lot of issues here that have to be worked out. Some were supposed to be worked out by the previous County Attorney, but it didn't happen. Others need to be worked out by this County Attorney, Commissioners Court, and law enforcement. Everybody needs to be at the same table, pull together, and come up with some direction we should take.

This can be done, but it takes individuals and elected officials working together. I've been looking at this situation since last September or October, and thought we had made some progress but then it turned out I was wrong and had to go back to step one again. This is just one issue that we deal with,besides the regular day to day business of the Sheriff's Office. We work grants for two reasons, one, to get money and equipment that the County can't afford to provide, and two, to reduce crime within and going through Willacy County and gain intelligence for Border Patrol and DPS. Many departments are working these grants and making the same overtime. We have been doing this since 2008. Let's work together and remove some of those thorns so we can see the good things being done. Have a great week and stay safe and stay blessed!

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