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Lyford cotton gin wakes up after being dormant for two years


THREE LARGE SILOS sold by Lyford Gin Association. 
(Photo by TonyVindell) THREE LARGE SILOS sold by Lyford Gin Association. (Photo by TonyVindell) The cotton gin in Lyford is waking up following a two-year sleep.

The facility will become active this year due to an increase in cotton planted.

Gerald Miligan, the general manager for Lyford Gin Association , said they will be up and running during the cotton harvest by mid July.

The gin was shut down two years ago and three grain storage silos that form part of the complex,. owned by Lyford Gin Association, have been sold.

Miligan said 30 people, or 15 per shift, are employed when cotton is ginned.

The gin is one of the oldest in the area and it’s within five miles from another one in Sebastian.

Miligan said the cotton processor used to have two gins up to the 1980s, but one was shut down because of the state of the farming industry.

Cotton is, like most crops, is unpredictable.

One season its yields are up, another, below or about average.

In Sebastian In Sebastian And in some cases, farmers have no choice but to plow the fields under as happened about 10 years ago.

Miligan said the three grain silos built in 1974 have been sold and will be taken down between now and Oct. 1.

He said the silos were bought by a Mexican investor and will be shipped south of the border.

The three silos have a capacity to store 600,000 bushels, or 11 million pounds, of grain.

Miligan said the gin still has a couple of smaller metal elevators and another made of concrete.

He said the elevators are filled with sesame seed from the 2015 and 2016 crops.

He said the gin will not store more grain for now and the silos sold will reduce their storage capacity by about 53 percent.

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