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Behind the Badge

Most folks like the old days better--they were younger then
By Larry G. Spence

People are funny, everybody wants to live a long life, but nobody wants to get old. I had one lady tell me, "Middle age is too young for Medicare, and too old for men to care." When does middle age begin? For some, middle age begins the day you become more interested in how long your car will last than in how fast it will go. It's about the same time that the products you bought with a lifetime guarantee begin to wear out. I ran into one lady the other day and gave the usual greeting, "How are you doing?" She replied, "feeling a little down, depressed, I guess ." "Mind if I ask why?" I inquired, "Perhaps I can help or pray for something for you." It's not anything like that," she replied," I just came from HEB and I ran into a bald-headed man who was two years behind me in school." "All of a sudden, I feel old she mumbled and she walked away shaking her head."

I don't think anybody grows old by living, I think we grow old if we lose interest in living. A lot of you remember middle age. That's when you remember how comfortably you lived on what Uncle Sam now deducts from your paycheck. Some of us like to live in the past, and that does have one thing in it's favor. It was a lot cheaper back then. Middle age is a time in life when the narrow waist and a broad mind begin to change places. You know you've reached middle age when weight lifting consists of just standing up. An old-timer is someone who can remember when charity was a virtue instead of an organization. You can remember when people wore jeans to work. A sure sign of old age is when you feel your “corns”, more than your "oats." It's a time when you get out of the shower, you're glad the mirror is fogged up. A little word to the wise, " You can tell you're getting old if the candles cost more than the cake."

One thing I've noticed is that as you get older you received a lot of mail. I worry about the mail carrier getting a hernia carrying mail to my house. Well, I guess it's all classified as mail, but if you actually broke it down. 60 % would be organizations wanting donations 25% would be advertisements for medicine or doctors newsletters, 10% is actual mail or something I've ordered, and 5%, well, you don't even want to open that mail. I guess anything can be mailed these days. I guess one old timer summed it up for me the other day when he said, " I'm in favor of progress, just as long as they don't change anything." Run that by me again? Oh well, "one day at a time, and thank Him for that one and pray for the next one. Be safe and stay blessed!

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