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Reader celebrates All Souls’ Day

THE LATE TOMASA REYES DE GUERRERO (daughter Georgiana), Delfina Olvera de Guerrero and Leobardo Guerrero Martinez. THE LATE TOMASA REYES DE GUERRERO (daughter Georgiana), Delfina Olvera de Guerrero and Leobardo Guerrero Martinez. Editor,

As “All Souls’ Day” (el Dia de los Muertos) approaches, I reminisce about the members of my family who are now with our Lord. Therefore, this synopsis deals, mainly, with my maternal grandfather, the late Señor Leobardo Guerrero Martínez (1898-1963). “Papá Leoba,” as all his grandchildren, fondly, called him was very industrious and happy.

Accordingly, I lived with my grandparents and other members of my family when I was very young. Therefore, I analyzed and enjoyed life in a ranch, San José del Tapanco (population, approximately, 1000) San Luis Potosí, México. One of the persons who impressed me the most was my grandfather. Papá Leoba would get up very early, eat breakfast, tie up his oxen to the joke, then to the carreta (a cart) and work in the fields until sundown from Monday through Friday. Other things he did were the following: obtain honey from the six beehives he owned, shear the wool from the lambs (sheep) during the latter part of Spring, make columpios (swings) for us, grandchildren and brand his cattle, horses and donkeys. (This process would always make me cry because I felt for the animals). To continue, for entertainment, my grandfather and all our family would attend weddings and other celebrations. He enjoyed dancing old-fashioned huapangos. His favorite holiday was Christmas. My grandmother and some of my aunts would prepare tamales, champurrado, gorditas de horno, chocolate and buñuelos. Both of my grandparents were religious. They made sure that all our family participated in church, Iglesia Católica San José.

Finally, I will always remember the beautiful life I enjoyed with my grandfather and the rest of my family. I wish every child in the world would have the opportunity to live the carefree life in a ranch and enjoy nature at its best.

May all the deceased in the world rest in peace!

Respectfully, Maricela G. Suarez

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