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Behind the Badge

Weather it’s cold or weather it’s hot, we’re going to have the weather - whether or not!
By Larry G. Spence

The question that seems to be on a lot of people's minds lately, is "What's up with the weather?" You have to admit we haven't been having our normal South Texas weather lately. Last Sunday we got dressed for church, I put out my flag, and off we went for a warm Sunday morning. It should be warm right? I mean on Saturday it was in the 80's, so Sunday being the Lord's Day,( actually they are all His Days) but since it was His day you'd think He would like a nice warm one like the day before. Well, it was for an hour or two, but when we came out of church around noon, it had dropped about 35 degrees.

Somebody said the weather is bipolar. Could be, it seems like everyone else is, according to their doctors and family. Everybody is medicated these days and personally I think that is part of the problem. Getting back to the weather, how do they predict the weather? Have you ever seen or heard a weather person who was right on the money three days in a row? Not even in Noah's time where it rained for 40 days and 40 nights and the town weatherman predicted "a 20% chance of showers". So it seems that past few weeks we have been bouncing back and forth from the 30-40’s to the 80’s. I've gotten where I carry to com- plete sets of outer wear in the truck, because the weather can change from morning to afternoon. But that's Texas weather. They say if you don't like the weather, wait a few minutes and it will change. Personally, I think the doctors and weather people are working together.

Some of you can remember the weatherman from channel 4, the one with two first names, Larry James. One time I was at the station for something and got to meet him and some of the news anchors who were a lot better looking than Lying Larry. I asked him, "Do you know what some people call you?" He replied, I do, and if it is the worst they call me, I'm getting off pretty easy." Well, I'm called the same way but it's spelled different. Mine is spelled Lion Larry, from being a member of the Lions Club for 33 years. However, in my regular job I've had the occasion a time or two to be called a few names myself. It used to bother me, now I just pray for them and move on.

Talking about the weather and I didn't have time to mention Valentines' Day. Be sweet to your sweetie this valentines. It's said that if God had a refrigerator, your picture would be on it. Let Him be your valentine this week. Be safe and be blessed!

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