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Good bye February- Hello March
By Larry G. Spence

In a twinkling of an eye, which is quicker than a wink, the first two months of 2018 are almost history. I thought last year went quickly, but 2018 appears to be trying to set new records. The month of March is supposed to be windy, (come in like a lion,) and then calm down, (go out like a lamb), to prepare for the April showers that bring May flowers. If March is supposed to be the windy month, what was that we endured for several days In February? Little more than a pleasant breeze now and then. We had some pretty hefty winds the past couple weeks.

The month of March has been known to be good for flying kites. Do young people still do that? You need some open spaces to fly a good size kite or it will end up in a tree. The month of March almost always brings Spring Breaks for the students of all ages, along with time off from school. The month also brings the Livestock Show which involves a lot of parents and students time showing the animals and enjoying all the sights and sounds of a bigger event than their local shows. A lot of hard work goes into making these shows possible so I encourage everyone to visit the Livestock Show and not only support the young people, but see the other things available to see and take part in as well. A special thank you to those who serve on these boards and especially those who have served for several years.

As spring breaks will be soon upon us, we would be remiss if we don't caution everyone to be very careful whether they are enjoying the break locally as on South Padre Island, or even more alert and careful if travelling out of the country. Things are different than they used to be, it pays to be extra cautious in todays' world. Just a glance at a newspaper or local TV gives you a sneak peak of how thinks are outside of the walls of our home and our schools and our communities. A word to the wise, always be aware of those around you and the things that are happening before your very eyes. Rest assured some of those people are most certainly watching you. Keep your eyes off your cell phone and on your surroundings. It could keep you from having an accident or from being a victim of a crime.

So if February is one of your favorite months you have one day left to enjoy it. No leap year this year. March is marching toward us, so enjoy it, because the way this year is going, it may be gone before you blink twice. Enjoy the good weather while it lasts, hopefully it will be with us for some time. Until next time, be safe and be blessed!

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