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Reader says that immigrants are the backbone of this country

Dear Editor,

In today’s society we have seen more focus be put on our neighbors to the south than in recent times. Immigration and deportation is something that this country was founded on but is now being frowned upon.

These people from Mexico and other neighboring countries have come to seek refuge and take minimal jobs that no average American would. How do these people get paid for it though? They get called rapists, and terrorists and are being pushed away to a country that is essentially third world and poor. All they want is a better life and opportunities to help their families but are continuously scrutinized and pushed further back.

It is unfair that people who are just trying to better themselves get turned away while Americans time and time again continue to kill each other in mass shootings. I’m guessing the real question is who are the real terrorists? These American mass shooters or people trying to better their life?

Without these immigrants being the backbone of this country our crop work would not flourish. These highly underpaid jobs are being taken by people who just want a chance to do better. Without them our farms and fields would not get the production necessary to supply the country. Time and time again the country points the finger at these immigrants but forget how important they are to the average Americans everyday life.

How is it that people so vital to our growth and progress as a whole are pushed more and more away.

Gilbert Mendez Stephen F Austin State

University Student

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