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Reader remembers editor/publisher

Dear Chronicle News,

Like most lifelong Willacy residents, I grew up reading the Raymondville Chronicle (or at least looking at the pictures). Every Wednesday, like clockwork, I would buy the newspaper and learn about what was going on locally (good news and no so good news).

I would read about birth announcements, award recognitions, classified ads, marriage unions, holiday celebrations, national and local triumphs or tragedies, and of course the obituaries.

The Raymondville Chronicle has been our source for everything Willacy. As a young reader and now older resident, it was always a thrill to see who or what made the front page that particular week.

Sadly, last week’s newspaper informed readers of Paul Whitworth’s passing. Mr. Whitworth has been the owner and editor of the Raymondville Chronicle News since the mid 1970’s. He dedicated his professional career to the craft of journalism.

I first met Mr. Whitworth in 1994. My high school journalism teacher ( Mrs. Betty Calvin) made a phone call and insisted I write for the Chronicle. When I entered the tiny news office, I was greeted by Mrs. Whitworth and led to the seasoned editor’s office. I wasn’t sure what to expect.

His office wall was covered with numerous journalism awards, Lions Club recognitions, and various Texas Longhorn photos and clippings.

Our first conversation started like many others that would occur over the years, “Hello. Come on in. Have a seat, just move over what’s on the chair there,” Mr. Whitworth said to me in his signature firm, yet soft spoken voice.

And so began my transformation from Chronicle reader to reporter, covering local sports and human interest stories. When I graduated college and became a teacher, Mr. Whitworth made me promise to submit pictures and stories from our school district. He taught me to always focus on the positive. I feel he understood there was enough negativity in the world. That’s advice

I try to follow to this day.

The Raymondville Chronicle has done it’s best to evolve with the ever changing world by providing a full online version to go along with the traditional print. The newspaper even started including more color pictures, proving Mr. Whitworth, along with his loyal staff, took pride in the product they produced.

Over the years, Mr. Whitworth was always welcoming and eager to to talk about the Raymondville Bearkat football team, and of course his beloved Texas Longhorns. I noticed pictures of his family and friends finding their place in his office more prominently now, replacing tattered, faded journalism mementos. I began to understand his legacy: proud father and grandfather, partnered with the fact that every Wednesday a new edition of the Raymondville Chronicle would be published.

It was an honor to know and work for a true news man. Thank you, Mr. Whitworth.

Lifelong Chronicle reader, Smiley Rodriguez Raymondville, TX

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