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Time to vote again
By Larry G. Spence

It was just a couple months back that county-wide elections were held, and as it happens sometimes in a few of the races candidates who had gathered enough votes to win their election outright. Therefore, there a runoff election must be held. We are currently in the absentee voting week before the actual day of election, at this time. Our county has a reputation of low voter turnouts for regular elections, but it has been extremely hard in the past to get voters out for a runoff election. I would like to challenge everyone who cherishes their privilege to cast a vote, to make an effort to vote during this runoff elections.

There are three positions that are currently being contested. I urge you to learn the positions and what their job description is, then look at the candidates and, if possible get their views on what they would like to do in their given position if elected. Some of those desiring election are newcomers to the position they are seeking, while others are currently in office, have worked in that department, or have experience in the past. Please consider yourself smart enough to make that decision on your own, based on the facts as you know them, and on how you think your candidate would do in that position. Don't let someone else tell you who to vote for unless you know about the candidate yourself.

In this runoff election you the voter, will decide who you want to be your County Clerk, your County Commissioner of Precinct # 2, and your new 197th District Judge of Cameron and Willacy Counties. These are important positions so we encourage everyone that can vote, to do so. You may ask why? Well, you would hate to see your candidate lose by one or votes just because you or your family didn't go vote. You thought they would win without your help. The other thing I remember someone told me a long time ago is, "What you vote for today, you live with tomorrow." So give a lot of consideration to your choice, and then go vote.

Just a reminder, that in a couple weeks it will be time for Memorial Day activities. Some of us veterans will be busy making the rounds of the cemeteries in our county. We start in Sebastian which always has an excellent turnout, go to Lyford, then La Sara, and then back to Raymondville cemetery. We used to end up with the last tribute in front of the courthouse, but low attendance in the past few years have caused us to decide to have the last tribute right at the American Legion Post by the railroad on Hidalgo Ave. in the old CPL parking lot. We encourage the public to come out at each of these locations to honor our veterans. In closing this week, thank a police officer and a veteran for their service this week. Sometimes, they are both. Until next time, be safe, be blessed, and don't forget to vote!

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