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Remembering 9/11-watching the weather
By Larry G. Spence

Most of us can tell someone exactly where they were when they first heard of the events of 9/11 and the twin towers, the Pentagon, and the heroic takeover and downing of another aircraft by the passengers to keep another target from being struck. Most of us stayed glued to the TV for not only that day, but several days trying to find out what actually happened. This week we look back once more and remember those that lost their lives, not only during that time, but also those that have died since that fateful day from complications of trying to save lives during that disaster. It brings some of us to another time that is forever in our mind when President Kennedy was assassinated in Dallas, and where we were when that happened. There are many reasons why she should remember these events, and our reactions to them. If nothing else, they show what can go wrong when hate and evil get into the picture. There are many other reasons, the first one people the loss of lives, and many still carry that emptiness still. So we pray that things like this don't continue to happen, but we should still remember the innocent victims that were taken from their families, and then the first responders, police and fire who kept going into the buildings trying to bring people out alive. Especially those that gave up their lives in the effort. May we never forget!

I want to change the subject now to something we always need to do this time of year, and that is prepare for possible storms and hurricanes. It seems like no matter what we do, we are never really prepared for when the storms hit and the severity of them and the damage they can do. Several times by the grace of God we have avoided being hit head-on by one of these terrific storms. We seem to think we will never get hit hard, so people don't prepare in advance by taking the storm seriously. We encourage you to prepare in advance this hurricane season by stocking up on needed items now, and not wait until the storm is approaching. Get your medicine, get your water, know what you're supposed to do and where you are to go if you have to leave due to flooding.

Don't take a chance and put you and your loved ones at risk, by not preparing in advance. We should always have several days water and food available anyway in case of any type of emergency. If you are unable to get around, call and let someone know so arrangements can be made to get to your residence and move you if necessary, to a safe place. This will be a long hurricane season, and your first responders are trained to do their part, and the county will supply what is needed to move you, but you need to help us by letting us know your needs. In the meantime, be safe, and be blessed!

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