2019-03-13 / Crime & Courts

W.C. Sheriff’s Blotter

MARCH 4 - Execution of warrant/violation of probation, arrested: Alfredo Garcia, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

Theft, FM 1761, Raymondville.

Assault, family violence/arrested: Ruben Ventura Sanchez, 11th St., Lyford.

MARCH 5- Execution of warrant/assault by threat (FV), assault with injury, FV, arrested: Alfredo Garcia, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

Accidental fire, Eustolio Gonzalez Rd., Raymondville.

MARCH 6 - Disorderly conduct, Hidalgo Ave., Raymondville.

Criminal mischief, Bus. 77, Raymondville.

MARCH 7 - Disorderly conduct, Industrial Drive, Raymondville.

Execution of warrant/criminal mischief, arrested: Randy Lee Hinojosa, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

Assault with bodily injury, FV, Goyo Garcia Rd., Raymondville.

Execution of warrant/sexual assault x2, arrested: Nicholas Wayne Doss, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

MARCH 8 - Criminal mischief, CR 140, Raymondville.

MARCH 9 -Theft, Gas St., Lyford.

Incident report (animal call), CR 450, Raymondville.

MARCH 10 - Public intoxication/ arrested: Jose Antonio Tindall, 6th St./Sauz St., Raymondville.

Possess controlled substance, evade arrest, resist arrest, arrested: Tomas Jose Anzaldua, E. San Francisco, Raymondville.

MARCH 11 - Civil matter, Poinciana Rd., Lyford

Burglary of building, FM 1018, Sebastian.

Execution of warrant/harassment by phone, arrested: Brett Preston Tate, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

Theft, Bus. 77, Sebastian.

Execution of warrant/possess controlled substance, arrested: Francisco Hinojosa Salinas, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

Animal call, FM 506, Sebastian.

Criminal mischief, La Jara Ave., Lyford.

Execution of warrant/child support, arrest, Pedro Saldivar, W.C. Sheriff Dept. Jail.

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