2018-02-07 / Crime & Courts


FEBRUARY 5 - Theft, over $100, under $750, 500 blk N. 4th.

Property returned to owner, 400 blk FM 3168.

Criminal trespass, 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Johnathan Briseno, theft, under $100, 500 blk W. Sonora.

FEBRUARY 4 - Criminal mischief, inconvenience, 500 blk W. Hidalgo.

Theft, under $100, 700 blk W. Hidalgo.

Assault fam/house mem impede, breath/circulation, 300 blk FM 3168.

Assault causing bodily injury, 400 blk FM 3168.

FEBRUARY 3 - Arrested: Oscar T. Garza, execution of warrants, theft, under $2,500, 2 or more prev. conviction, 900 blk N. 1st. Possession of drug paraphernalia,

500 blk W. Hidalgo.

Evading arrest/detention using veh., 1900 blk S. 7th.

Evading arrest, detention using veh., 1900 blk S. 7th.

Theft of service, over $100, under $750, 500 blk N. 7th.

FEBRUARY 2- Accident (minor), 600 blk S. Exp. 77.

Fraudulent use or possession of identifying information, 700 blk W. Raymond.

Harassment, 300 blk S. 9th.

Burglary of habitation, 800 blk W. Gem.

Theft, under $100, 100 blk S. Exp. 77.

K-9 deployment, 1000 blk E. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Isidro Flores, public intoxication, 600 blk E. Gem.

Disturbance/safe keping, 400 blk FM 3168.

FEBRUARY 1- Burglary of building, 700 blk W. Yturria.

Burglary of habitation, 300 blk FM 3168.

Criminal mischief, 400 blk E. Petra.

Civil matter, 400 blk E. Petra.

Theft, over $100, under $750, 100 blk E. Hidalgo.

JANUARY 31- Duty on striking fixture, 700 blk E. Hidalgo.

BurglarY of habitation, 300 blk W. Durango.

Release of property, 200 blk E. Raymond.

Accident (minor), 400 blk W. Hidalgo.

Arrested: Steven Wayne Means, attempted murder, unlawful restraint, 700 blk W. Raymond.

Theft, over $2,500, under $30,000, 700 blk W. White.

JANUARY 30- Accident (minor), 100 blk S. 10th.

Arrested: Ruben Cisneros, ex- ecution of warrant, burgarly of habitation, Ellis County Sheriff Office.

Assault causing bodily injury, FV, follow-up, 1000 blk N. Monterrey.

Burglary of habitation, 600 blk S. 6th.

Accident (minor), 100 blk S. 10th.

Burglary of habitation, 100 blk N. 5th.

Injury to a child w/intent, bodily injury to a child, 600 blk E. Hidalgo.

Accident involving damage to vehicle, 400 blk E. San Francisco.

Theft, under $100, 100 blk S. Exp. 77.

Found property, 1000 blk E. Hidalgo.

Duty on striking unattended vehicle, 300 blk FM 3168.

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