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Jail inmate arrested for alleged stabbing

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A prisoner at the Willacy County Sheriff’s Department has been arrested for an apparent stabbing attack of another prisoner. The Saturday incident may be related to a Nov. 3 “cemetery party” in Lyford that resulted in eight arrests.

Ramon Cavazos Jr. is accused of attacking Arturo Vela III with his fist and possibly with a “shiv,” or homemade weapon made from a sharpened toothbrush handle or similar object, said Sheriff Larry Spence and Sheriff’s Major Ernie Garcia.

“Inmate Cavazos is currently under investigation by the Willacy County Investigations Division for allegedly exiting his cell without permission and attacking another inmate with a homemade weapon,” Garcia said in a statement.

Cavazos was immediately restrained by Willacy County jailers, thus minimizing injuries, said Garcia, who is in charge of the jail and the Sheriff’s Department Investigations Division.

“All parties were offered medical treatment and cleared,” Garcia said.

Cavazos faces new charges of one count of aggravated assault with serious bodily injury, one count of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and one count of possession of a deadly weapon in a penal institution. The investigation is ongoing.

Ramon Cavazos Jr. was arrested June 24 and booked on several charges prior to the Saturday attack.

Assault against a public servant (two counts); abandoning or endangering a child (two counts); abandoning or endangering a child (two counts); assault causes bodily injury (family violence); evading arrest/ detention; terrorist threat (two counts), Garcia said in the statement. Bond amounts on those charges total $37,000. Cavazos remained in custody.

Sources told the Raymondville Chronicle & Willacy County News that the alleged attack is in retaliation for Cavazos’ son, Manuel Cavazos, being arrested and jailed for his involvement in the Nov. 3 cemetery incident.

Garcia said he does not know if Ramon Cavazos Jr. is related to Manuel Cavazos.

A relative of the Cavazos family claims that Manuel Cavazos had been lured to the cemetery by a telephone call that led him to believe his younger brother (a juvenile) was being held at knifepoint. That call was a trick to lure Manuel Cavazos to the cemetery so another person could fight with him, the relative said.

Lyford Police Chief Andy Maldonado earlier told the Chronicle that no evidence was found to charge anyone with kidnapping.

Maldonado said Tuesday he has no knowledge of any jail attack or stabbing and does not know how many of the eight people arrested in connection with the cemetery “party” are still in jail.

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