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Behind the Badge

Time to settle in the New Year-2019
By Larry G. Spence

As I prepare to write this week's column, the first week of our New Year has settled in and things are getting back to what we call, "normal routines." All the New Year's resolutions should be broken by now. It's rare that one keeps a resolution throughout the year, but I'm sure one or two have actually done just that. New Year's resolutions are like crying babies in church, they need to be carried out!

A week into the year 2019 we wonder what the year has in store for us. Actually, that would depend on what we bring into it ourselves. So right away we need to realize the ball is back in our court. In other words, what happens this year will depend a lot on us and how we act and react to things as they happen. Keeping a positive attitude is a good start. Even when we face trials and tribulations, we need to remember that something good is coming. We just need to hang on, and not give up, because better things and better times are at the end of our problems.

While sitting here thinking about where to go with these thoughts, I am reminded that since this is a new year, I am starting my 34th year as your Sheriff, my 43rd year with the depart- ment, and my 53rd year wearing a badge of one kind or another. That's a lot of years of public service, and I say that to relate that during those years my way of thinking, my likes, and dislikes have changed considerably. Now that I've mellowed somewhat over the years, my whole life has changed. I am not a religious person, but I have a strong faith in God, and a relationship with His Son. That made a great difference in my life, now problems may come and go, but I know that faith will carry me through them. I'm sure there are people who dislike me, but I don't hate anyone. I pray for those people because they don't really know me or my heart. A new year can make a difference in a person's life and how they live the rest of it. It's a decision we all have to make, and it doesn't have to be at New Year's.

So I encourage you to make the most of 2019. It's a gift that needs to be used wisely. You may not understand now, but someday you will wish you had made resolutions to change your life much sooner. May your New Year be a wonderful year. Until next time, be safe and he blessed!

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